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Terms and Conditions for classes/ recordings

By booking and participating in any of these classes, live, or recorded, the following terms and conditions must be agreed to. 

For classes taken part in at home, the safety and suitability of any equipment you use to take part is your own responsibility. Please ensure this is checked, and you have a safe, and suitable space available for you to take part at home to avoid injury. For outdoor classes, we take every step to ensure a safe environment for everyone, but for all classes you take part entirely at your own risk. 

Aerial hoop and Pole classes may cause some light bruising and discomfort while the body becomes conditioned to the exercise, and tenderness in the days following, if any of these are extreme please do not continue and let us know. 

You will work only to your level and as instructed, in any class do not force any movement, or do anything you are uncomfortable with- please ask the instructor if you are ever unsure. Should anything cause you excessive pain please stop immediately and make this known. 

Prior to online classes you must arrange for access to 'Zoom' through your chosen device. If you do not arrive on time for your session, access cannot be guaranteed and you may forfeit your booking. During online pole classes cameras must be left on so the instructor can see how you are getting on. 

Recorded classes are for the use of the named booked person only, and must not be shared. 

You agree you have have no medical history that prevents you from taking part in any physical activity. You are not pregnant or have had a baby in the last 3 months (for c-section births a note of doctor's approval is required) and you do not know of any other reason why you should not take part. You understand that you are participating voluntarily and can withdraw from the session at any time.  

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