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About polecat

Polecat Apparel has been around in a many forms since 2015, when polewear was hard to source, and all a bit dull! Some cool lycra appeared in a local shop, I had a sewing machine... and that was that. 

With the help of a very encouraging friend, (the Lonesome Polecat herself, and Polecat Apparel's namesake) and her bum, the first few pieces were made, in the original splat fabric. Then the first suspender shorts - which definitely made a few more people take notice!

Since then Polecat Apparel has grown, providing items for events, intricate bespoke items for competitions and performances, making items to order, and then adding exclusive studio collections to the books, and we now supply 8 studios and societies with an exclusive range of Polecat Apparel as well as running our ready to wear collection.

Our aim is to provide pole and gym wear that is not only beautiful, but comfortable, and functional... we don't want polers to be in constant fear of 'falling out' of their clothing whilst they train or perform. (Only on special occasions... haha) We also aim to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Oh, and the Happy Print... started with a couple of pairs of shorts made to cheer up some friends, in the happiest, and coolest fabric I could find - channelling ''Don't worry, about a thing'' - so why not spread the joy?!   

About Polecat Apparel

about me


I'm Jenny! You may have noticed I'm a bit daft, and enjoy hanging out in botanic gardens...

I run Polecat Apparel, from designing, pattern cutting and making the garments from start to finish to the admin. Oh wonderful admin...     

I have been a pole instructor for 8 years, and an aerial hoop instructor for over 6, so it really helps knowing what works and what doesn't when designing- and there's plenty of opportunity for testing! 


I specialised in printed textile design at University in Dundee so I LOVE a good print. Random fact: I also make slate sculptures with my dad!


Aaaannnd I have the most awesome friends who are willing to run round  gardens in their pants with me, or get sassy at the studio, they're always there to help whenever I need them, thanks you sexy bunch.  

About Me

Going Green

Going Green

We believe that everyone has some responsibility when it comes to caring for our environment. There are so many problems with production processes currently that it's hard to know where to start, but we have to start somewhere.

Firstly, we make for longevity- we don't want your shorts to fall apart after a few wears so you have to buy some more. We want you to wear them forever! So wash them gently, be kind, and they will love you back :) We are making some other major efforts with these areas of the business:





All Polecat parcels are sent in recyclable cardboard boxes with recyclable paper tape and no excess fuss! 

Large orders are packed individually in biodegradeable and compostable cellulose bags and sticky fastenings.  

Almost all of our items are now made from either 78% recycled polyester from recycled plastic bottles, or 78% Econyl- an entirely recycled Nylon fibre regenerated from fishing nets and other nylon waste found in the ocean and landfill. They're just the same as new materials- but saving all those precious resources! 

Digital printing of the fabric is also much more economical for water use than traditional methods.

Our Earth Positive t-shirts are made from 100% Organic Cotton, using wind and solar power, in an area that gets 95% of its water from monsoon rain- which combats cotton's high water usage. Labelled as climate neutral, affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation for ethical production, and they use sustainable processes throughout - so yes,  they are pretty bloomin' green! 

We also use our customisation offcuts to make our backwarmers- so they don't go to waste!

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