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The Studio.

The place we all call (Pole and Aerial) Home!

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The studio started life as a neglected church hall... which after a huge transformation in early 2022, has now become the permanent home of Freebird Studio!

With custom installations on the aerial side, ok'd by a structural engineer and  designed and installed by a qualified and professional rigger- we love our fully adjustable and easily switchable aerial equipment set up. We take your safety seriously here at Freebird, so as well as our own constant monitoring, our rigger also does a standard twice yearly check on every piece of equipment and the set up to make sure everything is up to scratch.


The pole side houses pretty much the tallest poles available on the professional market from industry leading manufacturers X pole- made to stand the tests of heavy studio usage and in one lovely shiny single piece- we love our tall, beautiful poles on our bespoke ceiling rig! Truly the playground of dreams!

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