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Children's Par Q

Must be filled in by a parent/ carer prior to

your child attending class.

Does your child have or ever experienced the following?
Is your child taking any medication?
Has anyone in your family had a heart problem at a young age?
Does your child require additional support? i.e additional support need/ disability?
Is there any reason not mentioned above why any type of physical activity may not be suitable for your child?

Please note- Your child may have some soreness/bruising due to the nature of the exercise, if this persists please seek medical attention. Physical spotting of your child will occur during the classes, and is essential for their safety.

I understand that all accidents will be documented, and that I will be informed. I understand that if the Instructor requires further information about my child’s illness or disability in order to include them in activities I will endeavour to make sure this information is available to them. I understand that if my child fails to behave in a manner that is polite and social, he or she may be excluded from that particular activity at the discretion of the Instructor, and will have the opportunity to rejoin the session shortly after.

Information may be retained for up to 7 years for insurance purposes. We will never sell or share your information.


Thank you for submitting

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