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Anti- Bullying Policy


Our anti-bullying policy sets out how we feel about bullying behaviour in the studio, what we'll do to tackle it and how we'll support those who experience or display bullying behaviour.

Bullying can be defined as any unwanted negative behaviour, verbal, psychological or physical- conducted by an individual or group against another person (or persons), including online, and which is repeated over time. At Freebird studio, we will not tolerate any bullying behaviour, and all forms of it will be acted upon. Everybody in the studio has a responsibility to work together to stop bullying behaviour.

Bullying behaviour can include: 

  • physical abuse such as hitting, pinching, kicking etc.

  • name calling, spreading rumours, persistent teasing and humiliation or the continual ignoring

  • posting of derogatory or abusive comments, videos or images on social media

  • racist behaviour - including racially aggravated remarks, name-calling, racial exclusion

  • homophobic and trans phobic comments

  • sexist slurs

  • offensive comments, taunts or gestures

  • sexual comments, suggestions or behaviour

  • unwanted physical contact

  • and it can be planned, organised, or unintentional.

At Freebird studio we will:

  • Take the needs of any victims of bullying seriously- we will always listen, provide support, and investigate thoroughly.

  • Promote and implement this anti-bullying policy in addition to our safeguarding policy and procedures.

  • Ensure that any form of bullying behaviour is not tolerated or condoned. Create an environment of safety and support, and encourage positive interpersonal relationships.

  • require all attendees of Freebird Studio to adhere to these guidelines

  • Take action on any reports of bullying behaviour

  • Support those displaying bullying behaviour to encourage them to build better relationships.

  • Make sure any sanctions are proportionate and fair.

  • Be alert to signs of distress and other possible indications of bullying, and we ask that everyone in the studio, parents at home etc do the same.

In the case of under 18s particularly:

  • we recognise our duty of care and responsibility to safeguard all participants from harm.

  • We ask parents to advise children to report bullying to an instructor, not retaliate violently, and make them aware of bullying implications for all involved. Report any of their own concerns.

  • any experience of bullying behaviour will be discussed with the child's parents, who should be

      co-operative in further discussions.

  • parents will be consulted on action to be taken (for both victim and child displaying the bullying behaviour).

  • information and advice on coping with bullying will be made available

  • support will be offered to parents, including information from other agencies or support lines

Useful Contacts

NSPCC Helpline Tel: 0808 800 5000 Website:

Childline Tel: 08081111 Website:

Kidscape Website:

Anti-Bullying Alliance Website:

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